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  • Power: 50-150W
  • Input: DC12V
  • Quiescent Current: 0.05A around
  • Output waveform: frequency square wave
  • Output frequency: 20KHz around
  • Size 3 * 10 cm
  • Mainly used for: electronic DIY before the inverter stage.

1. The board is a high frequency square wave AC output is generally inductive electrical
tape can not "mortars, fen coil transformer etc.
2. take a small load (LED lights phone charger DVD set—top box, etc.) connected to the
output voltage of the recommendations, such as a low gear: 172V or 200V
3. Load large work long hours (≥100W) is recommended to increase the heat sink,
4. Power can not be reversed. The other power supply and Power cord should be large enough current
5. Do not overload Do not short circuit output.
6. frequency output load voltage multimeter measurements will show higher (is not correct,not actual voltage)
The default output voltage wiring as follows: ‘for reference only’
  • V0--V2=110V V0--V3=175V
  • V0--V4=200V V0--V5=220V
  • V5--V4=20V V5--V3=45V
  • V5--V2=110V V4--V3=28V
  • V4--V2=90V V3--V2=62V

  • 1x 150W Inverter Boost Circuit Board

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