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  • +V: DC Power positive terminal
  • GND: DC Power negative terminal
  • A+、A-: Stepping motor one winding
  • B+、B-: Stepping motor other winding
  • PUL+(+5V-24V)、PUL -: Stepping pulse input (Rising edge effective, Pulse width >1.2 us)
  • DIR +(+5V-24V)、DIR-: Direction signal input, high level forward, low level reverse, the direction of signal should be at least 5 us ahead of the pulse signal.
  • ENA+(+5V-24V)、ENA-: motor free
  • Green LED: Power LED
  • Red LED : Fault indication, over current、 overvoltage 、or other failures. The red LED light is bright, after the failure is eliminated, Power off for a while and then power, the red LED lamp is out

ST-DM542 X 1

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