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  • Stepping Motor: 57 two-phase, lower than 3A
  • Single-chip motor driver for sinusoidal micro-step control of stepping motors
  • Power on in indication led
  • 3Amps-34Volts(Supply voltages:12-34DC)
  • Full step, half step, eight step and sixteenth step(selection with dipswitches)
  • torque (100%, 75%,50%, 20%)
  • work Current (0-3A selection with SW1/SW2/SW3)
  • 4 Wire,6 Wire,8 Wire stepper motors can be used
  • Two phases bipolar driver
  • Easy wiring with standard screw terminals
  • Step frequency up to 100khz
  • fuse protection on power supply rail(protects the board, but also your power supply and motor)

5x 4-Axis Steppe Motor Driver Controller Board

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